St. John's Lutheran Church

155 North Street

Jersey City, NJ 07307


 Rev. Mona Fitch-Elliott, Pastor

 We are a "Reconciling in Christ" Congregation

in the Hudson Cluster of the New Jersey Synod, ELCA

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St. John’s weekly services and other events are published on YouTube: vernon elliott st john's lutheran church elca. 

Those of steadfast mind you keep in peace - because they trust in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for in the Lord you have an everlasting rock.

Isaiah 26:3,4

Saint John's Lutheran Church      155 North Street Jersey City NJ 07307


Dear Friends and Neighbors:
JUST AS MANY CHURCHES ACROSS THE NATION, ST. JOHN’S WILL NOT HAVE SERVICES ON SUNDAYS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, due to the Coronavirus aka COVID-19. (Aspects of Sunday worship will be on YouTube and live streamed on Facebook, ZOOM, etc.)

These are strange times with all the tension and the challenges, the coronavirus is presenting to us these days. In these are outrageous times, we must hold tightly to our Christian faith and hope. Even as the world seems to explode financially, health-wise, and spiritually, we are constantly challenged to find something solid to stake our lives and our faith on. Our Lenten and Paschal season is a chance to see that Jesus invites us to return to a life of humility and reverence before the Lord. He shows us how to be free of entanglements of material, worldly allegiances, and the fear of loss and death. In a world that offers an array of false promises, only Jesus offers everlasting life, real love, and unconditionality. God is real.

Sincerely in Christ,

Pastor Mona Fitch-Elliott